Department of Finance

Budget Allocation of RE 2020-21 till DDOs - Extended till 28.01.2021 Allocation of RE 2020-21 to District / Regional level BCOs before 12.01.2021 instruction regarding Revised Estimate Allocation Procedure Instructions for FMA -I 2020-21 Allotment of RE 2020-21 to DDOs - Further Instruction - [Last Date for completion of Budget Transfer 31.12.2020], [Budget Transfer will be disabled from 01.01.2021 to 10.01.2021], [Allocation of RE 2020-21 both at HoD & BCO level by 08.01.2021], [11.01.2021 onwards IFHRMS allow to prepare bill to treasuries based on the RE allocated figures only] Instruction for allotment of RE 2020-21 by HoDs in IFRHMS G.O. for First Supplementary Estimates for 2020-21 Pre Budget Meeting 2021-22 through virtual - 28.08.2020 BUDGET INSTRUCTIONS for the year 2021-2022 Clarification on G.O.Ms.No.249, Finance (BG-I) Department, Dated 21.05.2020 Introduction of certain measures to control expenditure during the year 2020-21 Letter pertaining to QCA relaxation up to 2nd quarter under the DH 345- POL G.O. for Main Appropriation 2020-2021 Exemption on monthly fuel ceiling for the vehicles of Govt., Department (COVID-19) G.O. regarding Quarterly Control of Appropriation system - 2020-21 G.O. for Vote on Account 2020-2021 G.O. for Final Supplementary Estimates 2019-20 IFHRMS - Revised Estimate (RE) 2019-2020 Go-Live and Non Go-Live Locations Instruction IFHRMS - ACS Finance Department D.O letter Second Supplementary Estimates 2019-2020 FMA Instructions for the year 2019-2020 Instruction for applying Contingency Fund Advance Festival Advance-Authorization of Additional Funds Budget Instructions for the year 2020-2021 with Annexure Instruction - Sanction of Additional funds by assigning ASL No. under IFHRMS Budget 2020-21- Instructions for the preparation of Number Statement. Commencement of Online process for QCA and CF Advance Instructions for allocating budget, QCA and CF Instructions for Allocating Budget Certification of DDO Mapping Budget User Details Budget Allotment Instruction 2019-2020 Restructuring of Head of Accounts(G.O. (Ms). No.85) Number Statement for BE 2022-23 will be replaced with BE 2023-24 data in next 2 days, DDO/HOD may download current file for reference.