Continuation of austerity measures in the year 2022-2023 Main Appropriation G.O for Budget Estimates 2022-2023 G.O for Top Down Budgeting BE 2022-23 Allocation Instruction QCA instruction G.O. - 2022-23 G.O for Vote on Account 2022-2023 G.O for Final Supplementary Estimates 2021-2022 FMA Allocation Status can be downloaded from Budget Allocation Status Tile (It will be Enabled after Login) Instruction for FMA/FLSE 2021-2022 Citizen’s Guide to Budget 2022-2023 – English Citizen’s Guide to Budget 2022-2023 – Tamil DDO Mapping for HOD-BCO-DDO Hierarchy changing Instructions Number Statement Post Cleansing activity further instructions FMA Fixation User Manual for Finance(PCB Units) Department Instruction for RE 2021-2022 allocation not completed HOD/BCOs RE instructions for the year 2021-2022 FMA instruction for the year 2021-2022 Revised Estimate Allocation Procedure G.O. related to First Supplementary Estimates 2021-22 The Budget Allocation Activity will be closed on 22.12.2021 for the Revenue and Capital Expenditure and also Loan For Authentication Failures , Please update the password from Forgot Password Screens Preparation of Budget Estimate 2022-23 Meeting with HOD officials All HODs/BCOs are requested to check and update the approval group before doing the RBE 2021-22 allotment. Budget Estimates (Main Appropriation) 2021-2022- G.O Quarterly Control of Appropriation (QCA) for RBE 2021-22 RBE 2021-22 Allocation-Further Instruction Budget Instruction for 2022-2023 Due to allocation of RBE 2021-22, the Budget Transfer will be disabled from 18.09.2021 to 30.09.2021 RBE 2021-22 Allocation – Instruction Updated IFHRMS Number Statement Procedure-2022-23 for DDOs & Treasury/PAO and HODs Number Statement Instructions for 2022-2023 Pensioner Forms Instruction on the drawal of Advance from the Contingency Fund Instruction to the FMA - Furnishing reason for variation BUDGET 2022-2023_Final-English Quarterly Control of Appropriation for the year 2021-2022 BE 2021-2022 Allocation Procedure PPT IBE 2021-22 - Allocation of Budget in IFHRMS - Introduction of Quarter wise Allotment - Instructions / Guidelines Budget DDO Hierarchy Mapping Instruction - Reg FLSE GO for 2020-2021 VOA GO for 2021-2022 FMA / FLSE 2020-21 Allocation procedure Instruction to Allocation of FMA -I /FSE 2020-2021 to DDOs - Reg Budget Transfer Icon enabled for HODs/BCOs who have completed the RE allocation 2020-21

Pensioner Mustering 2022
Dear Pensioners, Digital Life Certificate can be produced through Jeevan Pramaan by using the any one of services of Indian Post Payment Bank, e-Seva/Common service center, Jeevan Pramaan face app or direct appearance to the Treasury for mustering 2022 from July to September. For further details : click here

In case of any issues relating to Pension, please call Toll free No. 1800 599 5100.
Kind Attention DDOs
Echallan Notice
Instructions for IFHRMS Users related to Login credentials
  • IFHRMS users should not share their login credentials like user id and passwords with anyone/anywhere, as these are user specific personal and confidential information, issued to them for IFHRMS application access and for performing transactions under their login name. System registers all transactions date & time and updated user login details.
  • Users are requested to change their default password issued to them on first login in IFHRMS portal. Users can get in touch with their associated DDOs or IFHRMS helpdesk to find out their default first login password.
  • Users are requested to change their password frequently, using reset password option in IFHRMS portal. In case of any technical issues, users can get in touch with IFHRMS helpdesk.