The IFHRMS Application is interfaced with the existing systems of Stakeholders so as to have seem- less flow of information from one stakeholder to another, IFHRMS is interfaced with the following systems:

  • AGTN(Accountant General (A&E), Tamil Nadu) systems for capturing the Out of Treasury transactions and also for online submission of accounts by Treasuries / PAOs.

  • RBI Systems for updating information on daily cash position, capturing Ways and Means information, Debt and Investment Management information,etc.

  • Portals of other Departments for capturing the service & receipt details against which the payment has to be received.

  • Agency Banks for updation of receipts details.

  • PFMS for Capturing the fund released by Central Government department for various Schemes in the State.

  • Jeevan Pramaan for Capturing the Digital Life Certificates generated for the Pensioners.

  • Income Tax Department for Filing of Form 24G, Form 24Q, Form 26Q and Form 27EQ.