1. How to transfer pension from one place to another ?

The pensioner has to submit an application to the Treasury Officer / Assistant Treasury Officer / Sub Treasury Officer concerned from where he/she gets monthly pension, giving the details of new address along with the original PPO. The Assistant Treasury Officer/Sub Treasury Officer concerned will forward both halves to their respective Treasury Officer who in turn will forward the same to the Treasury Officer of the new address in respect of mofussal and Pension Pay Office Chennai-6 in respect of city. The Treasury Officer in the new station will forward both halves to the concerned Sub Treasury if the pensioners residence is at Taluk, under copy to the pensioner concerned. On receipt of this reference the pensioner has to appear in the new office to get the first pension and the subsequent pension will be credited to the pensioner’s bank account. The process is likely to take minimum time of one month.

2. How to get family pension ?

Immediately on the death of the Pensioner the Treasury from where the pension is being received should be informed of the death in writing enclosing death certificate. (if available) If it is a joint PPO, the spouse should go over to the concerned Treasury in person submit an application to the Treasury Officer/Assistant Treasury Officer /Sub Treasury Officer for sanction of LTA/F.P along with form 14 (which is available in the Treasury) and after due verification and  mustering, the Family Pension will be commenced from the next date of the death of the pensioner.

3. When will  the Pension /Family Pension be stopped ?

a) If the Pensioner / Family Pensioner does not either appear in person for mustering or send ,Life Certificate to the Treasury / Pension Pay Office anually.

b) If the pension is not drawn continuously for six months

c) If the Family Pensioner does not submit non-marriage / non-re-marriage/non-employment certificate every year.