Frequently Asked Questions


1. How does one get the list of employees in an office through IFHRMS?

The Establishment section to has been provided with a report to generate employee details. Path for the same:
- Login to IFHRMS
- Navigate to Report Viewer
- Navigate to Employee list view details report.

2. How does one assign Initiator, verifier or Approver?

- Log in with GTN DDO ADMIN role (available in the bill verifier and approver logins)
- Refer to User manual to make the assignment.

3. How does one maintain an employee transfer transaction?

- Transfer and posting
- Transfer order entry
- After completing transfer order entry in 3 level
- Update Relieving order entry.

4. How does one update Joining order entry in Joining office?

After successful completion of question 3, the particular employee is available in Joining office initiator’s saved list.
- Login to HRMS
- Joining report entry
- My saved list.

5. How does one update Earlier Leave Balance for an employees?

- Log in to IFHRMS.
- Navigate to Human Resources
- Navigate to Leave Process
- Navigate to Leave Balance
- Update Web ADI

6. Leave balance is not updated , post upload.

Check employee user person type in Employee list view details report. It should be approved probationer

7. How does one change HOA, Post type, and GO?

- Login to IFHRMS
- Click on Finance
- Click on Payroll
- Navigate to GTN Post type and HOA update WebADI.

8. How does one update bank details?

- Login to HRMS
- Employee profile.

9. How does one update Previous Advances in IFHRMS Application?

- Log in to HRMS Application
- Click on Advances
- Click on Advance migration.
- Upload the Advance migration sheet
- Navigate back to Advance migration
- Create advance
- After this activtity, check organization based report ( Path: HRMS -> Advances- > report -> organization based report). If recovery status is shown as yes in organization based report , set “Mark for recalculation” flag in result page.
- Final step is tocheck pay statement.
Note: New advances need to be directly updated in IFHRMS Application.

10. How does one add dues and deductions for an employee.

- Log in as Bill DDO user.
- Navigate to Finance
- Navigate to Payroll Service
- Navigate to Dues and Deductions

11. When “Create Batch” button is not available in Dues and Deductions Page

Create Batch provision is enabled for Initiator id only. Please refer approval group.

12. While processing PF Initiation entry, how does one make the Advance/Withdrawal Type LOV list details?

GPF employees are eligible for PF advance only. Please check DOJ (Date of Joining) for respective employee. Also DOR (Date of Retirement) may need to be updated.

13. How does one enable HRA (House Rent Allowance - Dues) for eligible employees?

Residence Type might not updated for such employees. Refer below path and update the same.
- Log in to HRMS
- Navigate to GTN Payroll
- Update Rent Recovery Details

14. How does one update HRA and TNHB Elements in IFHRMS?

- Login to HRMS
- Navigate to GTN Pay service
- Update Rent recovery details.

15. How does one update the pay details in IFHRMS?

- Login to HRMS
- Navigate to GTN Pay service
- Update salary.

16. How does one update Temporary post extension date (or) How does one rectify “Not a valid position id” issue in Bill Processing?

- Login to HRMS
- Navigate to GTN Pay service
- Navigate to Temporary post details.

17. How does one add a new HOA in a Salary bill?

HOA can be added for one Particular post. Steps to remedy:
- Generate post details report
- Check whether the post is available with Wrong HOA or Post is not available for particular HOA.
- When HOA needs updation, please share new post creation details with GO order copy.

18. How to create HOA for Advances?

Sometimes while uploading “Previous advances” through Advance Migration, HOA may not be available in WebADI sheet. In this case, customer can create the Account head from their end.
Steps to follow:
- Log in to HRMS
- Navigate to Advances
- Navigate to Report
- Navigate to Advance migration
- Create account head.

19. Why are Dues and deductions not available in Pay statement or Finance Result page?

- Log in to HRMS
- Navigate to Finance
- Navigate to Payroll service
- Navigate to Dues and deductions.

20. Why do Dues and deductions, though updated successfully on all 3 levels, not reflect in result page?

After completing question 17,
- Navigate to Finance
- Navigate to payroll
- On the result page, select employee
- Set “Mark for Recalculation”.

21. Why is Batch option not available in “Dues and Deductions”?

Create batch option is available only for Bill Initiator.

22. Why is budget amount shown as 0 during “Contingency Bill Preparation”?

Kindly share the budget format through mail.

23. How does one process an SLS bill?

Kindly update “SLS Initiation” entry and “Sanction Order” entry in HRMS. After successful completion of 3 levels, please process SLS Bill.

24. While select approval group in contingency bill creation, how does one rectify an “Unexpected Error”?

- Log in to HRMS
- Navigate to Finance
- Navigate to Bills
- Choose update option
- The bill page should show
- Click Save button
- Forward bill.

25. While forward the salary bill to treasury, how does one rectify a “WF_PLSQL” Error?

Please check functional role assigned to this approver. If functional role is assigned, but issue again exist, write a mail to helpdesk.

26. How does one know the Employee id of our office staff?

- Log in to HRMS
- Navigate to Report viewer
- Generate employee list

27. IVA is assigned through approver group. But the Icon is not available in home page. How to solve this issue?

- Log in to IFHRMS
- Click Add to favorites
- Choose data from responsibility
- Click GO
- Select the role
- Click add to favorites
- Click Apply.
After finishing above steps, if issue persists, kindly clear cookies, caches, history files and then check.

28. While process Supplementary bill, the result view does not show employee or shows error status.

Please check if the relevant process is done in establishment (Human Resource) Eg. Surrender Leave (Initiation / Sanction). Also please check if Salary Arrear – Retro Element is attached with relevant bill payroll period (i.e.)selected month.

29. In the Delete process of Element entry, Element name is not shown.

Please check effective date to delete the Element.

30. In Element entry, while changing process, existing entry throws error.

While changing existing entry, please uncheck the box “Reject if future entry exists”.

31. How does one create a new post in IFHRMS.

The Treasury Admin role has this possibility. Please contact your respective District Treasury.

32. While searching for an Ex-employee in Employee profile or Advance page, they are not shown.

Please choose Person type in Employee Search page as Ex- employee and run query again.

33. The Residence OA allowance, AIGIS, is not reflecting for IAS employees.

Please check employee category - IAS (All India Service).

34. While processing the Relieving entry in Transfer and Posting process, how does one solve the issue of “ No one have HR joining Admin role in joining office, please assign the role and do the process”?

In the respective Joining office, “Joining admin” role is not assigned. Please navigate to Joining office establishment office approval group. Check if the “Joining Admin” check box is set.

35. While processing the Relieving entry in Transfer and Posting process, how does one solve “Multiple HR joining admin role was assigned, please end date and do process again”?

In the respective Joining office, Joining admin role should be assigned to a HR approval group. If multiple employees are assigned, please correctly assign one. Set an end date for other employees. Please execute the process again.

36. While processing the SPF 2000 opening entry, how does one remedy “Multiple opening entry not allowed”.

The user may have entered an opening entry in SPF 1984 also. In such cases, it should be deleted through helpdesk.

37. While processing a new employee creation, in The Post field LOV, post anem is empty.

Please check in the Post details report whether the post is vacant. - Login to IFHRMS
- Navigate to Human Resource
- Navigate to Report Viewer
- Navigate to Post Details Report

38. While generating salary bill, information message shows as “Bill generation request has completed with an error. The corresponding Request ID for the Error Logs: Request Number”.

Please check respective request number in “Monitor Request Status” view output.

39. While generating salary bill, Exception message shows as “DP Code not unique for selected bill group”.

Please check if Employee mapped bill group HOA and employee tagged post HOA are same.

40. While generating salary bill, exception message throws as “ Not a valid position id”

Temporary post continuation order is not updated.

41. In payroll dashboard ,while adding employees in bill group, error message shows “ Post Type mismatch / HOA mismatch”

Please check if bill group HOA and respective employee post HOA are the same.

Note : Content has been update on 6 March , 2020