Drawing Officers-Clarification

1.Whether the claims of the retired Self Drawing Officers to be presented compulsorily through Bank?
Not necessary. The retired self drawing officer can prefer his claim through the Tamil Nadu Treasury Code 70 Register of the office in which he last served. Presenting his claims through bank is an alternate option in the event of the retired self drawing officer residing in far off place or he could not appear in person.

2.Whether encashment of Unearned Leave on Private Affairs is taxable at the time of retirement ?

3.Whether the Self Drawing Officers can be supplied with separate T.N.T.C.70 Register?
No. Separate T.N.T.C. 70 Registers can be supplied to Self Drawing Officers only in the event of their payment control differs from the payment control of the office in which the officer is working.

4.Whether the bills of the newly formed offices or offices re-organised / transferred from one district to another can be admitted in the Pay and Accounts Office / Treasuries based on the Government Order issued by the concerned administrative department of the Secretariat ?
No, In such cases bills can be admitted only after the receipt of express pay orders from the Government to the concerned Pay and Accounts Officer / Treasury with the concurrence of the Finance Department duly authorizing the Pay and Accounts Office / Treasury to honour the claims.

5.What are the conditions a Drawing Disbursing Officer should fulfill when he requests for a fresh T.N.T.C.70 ?
The Drawing Disbursing Officer shall give certificate to the effect that all pages in the previous T.N.T.C. 70 register had been exhausted and he should have made necessary discharge entries in Col.(12) against all presentations. Voucher number in respect of such cases should be filled up in column 11.

6.Does the receipt issued by the Treasury at the time of placing a safe custody article need to be kept safely and returned to the treasury while getting back the said article?
Yes. The receipt issued by the Treasury should be returned to the Treasury with discharge entries duly authenticated by the concerned departmental authority on the reverse of such receipt