1. Who can one Start the Budget Proposal?
Budget Proposal can be done from the user who has the Budget Assistant Role.
Finance→Budget Search→Update Icon in Proposal Column. 
2. How to know Budget Proposal/Allocation is forwarded from Initiator to Verifier/Approver?
If Budget Proposal or Allocation data is forwarded from Initiator, system will Notify the verifier in Worklist window. Also Update button will be enable for the forwarded budget type in Budget search page. 
3. Is there any possibility to not receive the budget proposal/Allocation Notification at Next level?
Yes, if one user has more than 1 Role, the Notification will not be triggered in Budget process. 
4. In what cases Budget Proposal/Allocation process flow will work?
Budget Proposal and Allocation process flows is work based on Approval Group 
Case 1: Will Work – (Initiator & Approver Different ID-No Verifier), (Initiator, Verifier and Approver Different ID)
Case 2: Will Not Work - Initiator & Verifier Same ID, Verifier & Approver Same ID, Initiator & Approver Same ID, Only Initiator Available, Only verifier available, Only Approver Available)
5. Is there any option for HOD to propose for DDOs?
Yes, in HOD Login there is a option called Propose for Child DDOs. 
6. What happen if HOD chosen proposes for DDOs?
Budget Proposal for the Child DDOs will be frozen and they cannot propose Budget data. HOD proposes for the child DDOs too when he/she clicks this option.
7. Is there any Excel upload Options Available for Budget Proposal Data Entry?
Yes, one can download Excel sheet in Budget search page and save as .csv (comma delimited) file type. One can upload in same downloaded format using upload option.
8. What must one check when the Excel is uploaded successfully, but data is  Not Available inside the form?
Please check the Excel File Type is .csv(Comma Delimited). Check if any values contain more than 2 Decimal places. Check if any space or special characters are in the file and remove them. Upload the file again.
9. How many methods are available to Allocate Budget to the Child DDOs?
Budget can be allocated by 2 methods. 1) On screen process 2) Excel Upload
10. Is there any Excel upload Options Available for Budget Allocation Data Entry?
Yes, one can download Excel sheet in Budget search page and save the same format, Please do not change it to .csv (Comma delimited)
11. How to check HOD/DDO Allocated Budget for my office?
Please check Budget DDO Allocation Report.
Path: Finance → Budget Search→ Budget Reports→Budget DDO Allocation Report
12. Is there any option available to check Budget Transfer Allocated Amount?
Yes, please check Budget Transfer DDO Report
Path: Finance → Budget Search→ Budget Reports→ Budget Transfer DDO Report
13. How can HOD user add new DDO in their Hierarchy?
As of now, please fill the New DDO add template and share to helpdesk
14. How can HOD check Budget hierarchy DDOs?
Yes, please check Budget Transfer DDO Report.
Path: Finance → Budget Search→  Budget Reports→  Budget HOD-DDO Hierarchy Report
15. How can HOD transfer Budget amount to another HOD-DDO?
HOD/BCO can transfer Budget to another HOD/DDO Using Budget Transfer Option.
Finance→ Budget Transfer → Budget Transfer Entries